Day 14: Instructions

To biogize a mitterhawk
To make the mythos kinguidly
One wrenches, hammers, glues, and squawks
but does not do so hurriedly.

First – organize and calify
the pieces/parts, all fogglicelled
Then outline links to verify
They fit together very well.

Next, take the skullets with the ridge
And twist them round about your hand
Then tuck them under, just a smidge
The goromass – so slightly fanned.

Then, the aphits must be pinged
-A mallet works with wonders here-
If a cudgel’s all you bring
Then wallop aphits less severe.

Now, once the frame is tacked and thick
And doesn’t doomp or bounce or sway
Apply some gum of magnifick
Then let it dry til Plattursday.

After all has dried and sized
Hoots and whoops are justephored
Your mitterhawk – now biogized-
Is confirled, bornic, grouped and stored.

And when you play all proffin-wise
With pals and netious-equal friends
Your kinguid mitterhawk supplies
A bond, some fun and odds and ends.

Day 14: Instructions

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